dimanche 16 août 2009

Voyages voyages...

J'ai trouve cette photo au hasard du net, et ce fut comme une epifanny.
C'est un peu toute ma vie, toujours entre 2 valises, 2 vols, 2 passeports,...
Ce week-end c'est Milan, bientot, Paris, New-York, Shanghai...
Et avec tous ces voyages, je ne sais toujours pas comment voyager leger, sans me charger d'au moins 6 paires de chaussures.
On devrait bannir la phrase "on ne sait jamais, et si..." quand on fait sa valise.
Promis, le jour ou j'arrive a faire ma valise (legere) en moins d'1 heure, je vous decrirai la methode!
En attendant, Arrivederci!!

What I believe in...

I believe in falling in love and staying there.

I believe in candlelight, scented baths, cooking dinner for your lover and getting your own way with the judicious use of massage.

I believe that we should take every opportunity to show our affection, not just once a year.

I believe that it's not easy to find your Soul Mate, but, once you find her, don't screw up and act like an idiot. 
I believe in the power of words, looks and time to show us the truth and what really matters.

I believe in chocolate truffles, pink champagne, perfume and red roses.

I do not believe in bunches of flowers purchased at the last minute from a petrol station.

I believe in love spells, romantic poems, sentimental songs and dancing cheek to cheek.

I also believe in long week-ends in Paris, Rome, Brighton, Cape Town, Marrakech and Buenos Aires.

I believe that money can't buy you love, but that this does not give you an excuse for being a skinflint and neglecting to buy a decent present.

I believe in love.